Brick Bay Sculpture Trail and Vineyard

The Glass House building designed by Noel Lane

We’re planning plenty of optional tours to help you enjoy New Zealand to the fullest! One tour offered during the 2013 International Sculpture Symposium will be to Brick Bay Sculpture Trail & Vineyard.

A labour of love since 1986, Brick Bay Farm has been ambitiously landscaped involving the creation of many attractive lakes, extensive tree plantings and the nurturing of Brick Bay Vineyard. Concurrently, a longstanding passion for sculpture and the desire to support New Zealand artists was given space to grow, leading to the realization of Brick Bay Sculpture Trail. The Brick Bay Sculpture Trust philosophy is to make a significant contribution to New Zealand art by providing an exceptional setting for outdoor sculpture to be experienced and sold, while also offering the facilitation of public and private sculpture commissions.

The unique Glass House building designed by Noel Lane is the gateway to Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, and wine tasting options are available. Through this welcoming passageway, the journey may begin in exploring the very best of contemporary New Zealand sculpture, a collection carefully selected by a curatorial panel.

The compelling outdoor gallery experience, where an ever-changing exhibition of around 45 sculptures by leading New Zealand artists are thoughtfully sited along the 2km trail. Sculptures are framed by towering native trees and majestic palms, abundant birdlife and green pastures, overlooking the celebrated Brick Bay Vineyard. Smaller works are to be found in the Shrunk courtyards, a perfect setting for their more intimate scale. All sculptures are for sale and change regularly as works are sold.

Key Artists include: Greer Twiss, Graham Bennett, Gregor Kregar, Virginia King, Dane Mitchell, Judy Darragh, Neil Dawson, Paul Dibble, Konstantin Dimopoulos, Peter Lange, Fatu Feu’u, David McCracken, Regan Gentry, Brett Graham, Aiko Groot, Phil Price, Terry Stringer, Louise Purvis, Robert Jahnke, Mary-Louise Browne

“Surreal –very beautiful and such a feast for the senses”- ME NZ

To learn more about Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, visit their webpage In The News

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