Zealandia Sculpture Garden

Devitt Stevens Photography. For more images of Zealandia Sculpture Garden, visit the photographer’s website at: www.devittstevens.co.nz


We’re planning plenty of optional tours to help you enjoy New Zealand to the fullest!  One tour offered during the 2013 International Sculpture Symposium will be to Zealandia Sculpture Garden.

Located North of Auckland in Mahurangi, NZ, ZEALANDIA is the concept of one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary sculptors, Terry Stringer. The garden aims to surprise the viewer with a sculptural vision of pastoral New Zealand landscape.  The spacious, private garden displays large scale sculptures including an outdoor exhibition space that stands against the backdrop of a kauri grove and is named after the traditional personification of New Zealand.

Within the grounds of Zealandia Sculpture Garden is a survey of Terry Stringer’s work, together with pieces by colleagues. The areas within Zealandia include: Sculpture in the Open, The Enclosed Garden, The Gallery Exhibition (changing each season within the sculptural building), The Gate Gallery,and The Step Walkway in the Trees.

To learn more about Zealandia and the sculptures of Terry Stringer, visit 100% Pure New Zealand here.

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