HELPFUL TIPS – Flying from the USA to New Zealand

Do you want to attend the 2013 International Sculpture Symposium in Auckland, NZ, but you’re daunted by the flight?  No worries – just follow these tips and you will be flying to the beautiful island of New Zealand with plenty of traveling time to relax!

* Arriving in New Zealand at least 2 days before the ISC conference commences is recommended (Feb 9th 2013).

The time zone change will be easier than you think!

For your travel comfort, we suggest the following:

1 .  Book flights early* to get more options on pricing and choice of seating.

*February is a peak travel time for New Zealand because it is the summer season.

2.  The BEST flights to New Zealand leave from the east coast USA mid afternoon and connect to NZ direct flights which leave the west coast USA in the evening.  Arrival in Auckland from these flights is early in the morning.

3. Include Air New Zealand in your choice of airlines.  Air New Zealand has given the ISC a group discount rate and is a Star Alliance Airline winner of multiple awards See our website for the discount code!

4. Always check your connection time* from your USA domestic flight to your Trans Pacific flight – adding extra time to the standard connection time is worth considering

*Flight frequency to New Zealand is limited and a missed connection could delay your arrival in New Zealand by 24 hours!

5. Consider your class of travel – depending on airline selection there is Economy class, Premium Economy and Business class (there is NO First class but Business class for most airlines include fully reclining beds).

6. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water on your flights due to the length of time spent in the air.

7. Some people recommend a sleep aid, such as prescribed sleeping pills, Tylenol PM, or an herbal equivalent,  while in flight and for the first couple of nights in New Zealand because jet lag can sometimes be annoying.

8. Don’t forget what Day and Time it is: NZ is 18 hours ahead of the East Coast USA, and 10 hours ahead of the West Coast. SO, if it is 9am in NYC on February 8th, it will be 3am in NZ and the date will be February 9th. In February, you deduct 6 hours to convert from east coast/3 hours from west coast USA time to NZ time, + add one calendar date.   You “lose a day” travelling because you cross the date line but when returning to the USA you gain a day!  If you get confused, you can always use a time zone converter, like this one:

Join the ISC for this amazing adventure!

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