VIDEOS from Gibbs Farm

Take a glimpse at what’s to come at the highly anticipated ISC symposium in NZ!

Alan Gibbs recommends all symposium attendees to preview these insightful videos before venturing to New Zealand to make the most of your experience.

Even if you are not attending, you can get an inside look and enjoy The Farm by checking out these videos.

The videos are posted on the official site for the Farm and spotlights a few of the internationally renowned sculptors featured in the sculpture park. Below are synopses and links for each. Enjoy!

video1Lightning Dreams – Eric Orr
Focusing on one of the first and most dramatic pieces to be commissioned at the Farm, The Electrum (for Len Lye), 1997, is regarded by Gibbs as his “personal icon.” This sculpture is the largest Tesla coil in the world.

video2Seeing the Landscape – Richard Serra
Inspired by the Maori Blessing and culture of “walking the land,” Serra created the largest steel piece of his career (20 ft high x 857 ft long). Te Tuhirangi Contour, 1999/2001 was designed to collect the landscape of the Farm.

video3New Form at the Farm – Anish Kapoor
Kapoor’s instinct for form and color has never before been visualized on this large a scale in an outdoor setting. The monumental, 8 story tall Dismemberment, Site 1, 2009 represents a symbiosis of man and nature, cut into the cliffside overlooking the Kaipara harbor.

video4Arches – Andy Goldsworthy
Known for his ephemeral work in nature, Goldsworthy installed a more steadfast piece in stone of his reoccurring curving lines. Arches, 2005 reveals change through its very permanence in the tide on the Farm’s harbor front.

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